Earlier this year, we were pleased to share with you that we recorded a podcast on all things Equestrian Planning with This Business of Horses Podcast, thanks to Amanda Watson of Watson Directories (amongst other things equestrian marketing!).  We thought we would repost this article, and podcast link, for newer visitors to our page as the podcast really does cover the basics of equestrian planning and provides information that will never get old.  As Amanda introduced this, on her social media pages:

“The first episode in Series 2 (I know!) is a cracker (even if I do say so myself), and if you have ever pondered or worried about planning in relation to your equestrian home or business, then have a listen because we chat all things planning with the brilliant Eleni Randle FRICS FAAV MRTPI who has just expanded her award winning Consultancy Eldnar to incorporate The Equestrian Planning Consultancy – Equestrian Planning by Equestrian People.  An essential listen and an essential contact to add to your list.”

You can listen if you click here – this will take you directly to the podcast page.

Show Notes:

Episode summary introduction: In this episode we chat to Eleni Randle, Founder of Eldnar Consultancy and its latest arm The Equestrian Planning Consultancy about all things planning, her journey so far, accolades and awards, buying land and how much to pay for a potential site, planning permissions and pitfalls, fees, refusals, appeals and everything in between. Oh, and we learn who Loopy is and the important role they played in shaping Eleni’s tenacity…

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The journey to setting up Eldnar and The Equestrian Planning Consultancy [01:24]
  • Professional recognition to date [05:11]
  • Who is Loopy? [07:35]
  • How to know if you might get permission for horses and facilities on land [09:20]
  • How to use and know if existing buildings have appropriate permissions [12:38]
  • What to pay for a potential site [14:58]
  • How most land is typically sold and the help available in the process [17:34]
  • What equestrian facilities need planning permission [19:46]
  • Horses are not classed as Agriculture [21:25]
  • Can you build a dwelling to live on site with your horses? [24:19]
  • What to submit when applying for planning permission and timing on decisions [25:55]
  • What the Council takes into account when considering a planning application [31:25]
  • Typical planning fees and how they are calculated [33:29]
  • What you can do if your planning is refused and the appeals process [37:28]
  • Options if facilities have already been built and an enforcement officer visits [41:27]
  • The sort of equestrian applications Eldnar Consultancy has worked on to date [44:29]

Resources for this episode: